Why us?

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Is it safe?

We train a maximum FIVE pupils per day. All riders must own a FULL MOTORCYCLE LICENCE, be competent riders and wear appropriate motorcycle protective clothing – including gloves and helmet. Our school Suzuki Bandits are fitted with a unique safety device that prevents you from ‘overdoing’ it, giving you peace of mind to concentrate on learning and perfecting your wheelies.

Clutch wheelies are controlled, safe and very impressive. Power wheelies are unsafe, out of control and can cause major damage to you or your bike. Give Jimmy a call and take a trip to Your Wheelie Experience for a day to remember.

Why teach this way?

The Wheelie Experience caters for all people novice or professional and any gender, however those individuals who are under 25yrs will need to be accompanied by an adult of 25yrs plus for insurance purposes.

Our Instructor will teach you to bring the front wheel up in a controlled and safe manner. The reason is straight forward: Clutch wheelies not only give you full control of the bike at all stages of the wheelie but also teaches you the different engine sounds at different revs.

At novice level the fear factor is so high that if you just go along and crank the throttle open, it is very easy to make a hash of it, scare yourself silly and never do another wheelie again. The Clutch Wheelie method was developed by Jimmy Fireblade who has been teaching it successfully for over 10 years; it is used by some of the top stunt riders in the country – who agree it is the best way to learn.

Please note – we will not teach the power wheelie:-
it is not a safe method as there is no technique and no control.